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****  Prequalified Purchasers Requested for the following sales Properties  ****

Montreal Listings

         A)  50-1000 units residential Properties (High Rise Buildings)                         1  Million Up 180 Million

       B)  Shopping Center                                                                                                        from 10 million up to 100 Million

       C)  Residential building AAA tenants for                                                                   70 Million

       D)  Land in downtown Montreal To built around 1000 Condominiums  up to (36) floors. 
                                                                                                                                                    45 Million Up 52 Million

Toronto Listings

        A) Shopping Center with Potential Development around                                 100 Million $

        B)  Shopping Center with also a Potential Development for                 21 Million $



Gas stations

Senior Home

December 2015


Bloc Appartment 






285 units




210 units


120 units

70 units


Shopping Center's